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Most of the other translation widgets and plugins, like those that are powered by Гугл and Microsoft, provide on-the-fly
translation of your blog content. This has two negative aspects: first, the translation that your reader sees is raw machine
translation which is known to be of questionable quality. Second, the content is not indexed by the search engines, which
means that readers can not find your Translated content on search engines and you lose out on valuable search engine traffic.

The GTS plugin provides human translation quality which is far superior than the other plugins. And the translated content
is cached on the same server that your blog is hosted on. Search engines will index your translated content and your blog
will come up on keyword searches. This will drive more traffic to your blog.

Translation is a 2-step process. In the first stage, your content is translated by our own machine translation server. Then,
the translated content is edited by human translators who review the machine translation and make the necessary linguistic
corrections. After the content is edited, a moderator reviews the content again to verify that it meets quality standards.
Once the moderator approves the translation, the post goes live on your blog.

You have two choices: you can use your own people to do the human editing, or you can use the GTS community.

If you have associates that are qualified to edit the translation, or if you yourself are proficient in another language
and can edit your own translation, then you can control the process yourself through the GTS Plugin Admin panel. This Admin
panel allows you to assign Editor and Moderator priviledges to your own network of people so you can keep the process in-house.

Or, you can have the work done by the GTS community which is a worldwide network of hundreds of translators and language

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«Let It Go» from Frozen according to Google Translate (PARODY)

Fresh Prince: Google Translated


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