Fishing canoe

Fishing canoe

Опубликовано: 02.06.2017

Scotland and New Zealand are both an anglers’ paradise. Living in both countries has allowed me to cast my line into many beautiful lakes and rivers.

I’ve picked up lots of tips and tricks over the years, some so profoundly obvious it’s a wonder I didn’t learn them sooner. For instance…

Fish seek security near banks and shelters and sometimes you’ll get lucky fishing from the bank. But, and as many an angler can attest to, your chances are increased tenfold when you venture into deep water – which is where the trusty canoe comes in handy.

However, not just any old canoe will do. need space for storing equipment, plus a little extra in case you want to take a buddy along. They should also track well and be fairly easy to manoeuvre – a fishing trip should be enjoyable, not exhausting. And above all else, it has to be stable.

It can be a difficult task finding a canoe that meets all these requirements – but there’s no need to fear, we’ve assembled a list of the best canoes for fishing along with a short guide of what to look for.

The BEST fishing canoe

Fishing canoe set-up


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